Sunday, November 27, 2016

Email #12 - The Return #ROLLTIDE

November 21, 2016
Alberville, Alabama

FAMMMMMMM!!!! I swear it's been like a year since I've seen you guys.... Well at least it feels like that long... Well I want to say thank you to all of you for reaching out to me while I was home for a few weeks. As much as I didn't want to go home I was meant to be there and to do something. I still don't know exactly why I needed to come home for surgery but that is where the Lord needed me for those few weeks. But anyways!!! I'm SOOOO PUMPED TO BE BACK OUT!!! Wow! I flew in and saw all the green and wow. It was so nice.... uhhhhhhh I love it.

So this week has been pretty crazy! I don't have anything cause they weren't expecting me back that fast so I don't have a bed and I live out of my suitcase but that's good. I'M BACK IN ALABAMA!!!! Pretty sweet huh? I missed it if you can't tell. I still love you all don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you! We have been doing a lot of Less Active work this week which has been super great! We also had one of our investigators named Dienly at church this week! BIG DEAL! Wow. I saw him walk in and I was so pumped! So that was super cool and we have been playing soccer with people on the street too just like usual! So It's been a pretty stellar week! Thank you so much for all you did for me while I was home! It means more than you know! Love you all and have a great week! Hopefully I'll have some sweet story to tell you next week.  Love you all!

Strength and Honor
Elder Noah Featherstone

Email #11 - Tender Mercies of the Lord

October 10, 2016
Albertville, Alabama

Excerpt from this week's email - This past Thursday was a Multi-zone Conference with all the missionaries in Northern Alabama. It was with a member of the Seventy and his name is Elder Dyches. So the Albertville Spanish Squadron of Missionaries drove down to Gardendale AL for the Conference. We got there and had pictures with President and Sister Sainsbury, and Elder and Sister Dyches. Then we had the conference. Elder Dyches shared some amazing experiences that just wow. I was speechless and it was amazing. The thoughts he shared were amazing and they were just what I needed to hear. But I guess that's what happens when you are a general authority and so in tune with the spirit. You know exactly what those who are listening need to hear. It was truly amazing. I received some personal revelation from Our Father in Heaven. Little did I know at this point that Elder Dyches is an ENT Specialist. Wow. How does that even happen? So Elder Messick ended up getting interviewed by him. And he didn't just get interviewed. He was the last one to get interviewed. So while he was getting interviewed all the missionaries were gone and I was with President Sainsbury in the lobby of the church and I had an amazing discussion with him. You don't really get to just have a conversation with your Mission President unless it is in an interview so I was super happy with that. Then Elder Messick and Elder Dyches walked out and they wanted a picture with the 3 of us so we all took a picture and then got talking. We probably talked for 30 minutes to an hour. We got talking about Grandpa like usual HA! and eventually led to the fact that I have been sick for the past several weeks. Elder Dyches asked to look in my throat. He looked in with his flashlight with Sister Dyches, Sister Sainsbury, and my companion behind him and he immediately diagnosed me and told me exactly what I had and said that I needed to go home and get my tonsils out. How does all that just fall into place exactly when I needed it I was able to talk to him. I am here to testify that that does not just "Happen." The Lord is at the helm and he is watching over each and every one of us. Everything just happened to fall into place at the perfect time. It has been quite the experience. There is more to the story but I could be telling you details all day. I honestly don't want to come home but this is all happening for a reason and there is something that I am supposed to learn or something I am supposed to do while I am home. I don't know why but I do know that God is there. This week has been full of the tender mercies of the Lord. Love you all! I have the greatest family ever. My motto since I have been out here is from Mom. "Be Steadfast and Teachable." There is something to learn in every situation we just need to look for it and be constantly striving to become more like Him. Love you all! Jesus Christ Lives and he Loves us. Don't forget that.

Strength and Honor

Elder Noah Featherstone