Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Email 76 - In a Fog

#76 Noah’s Email - In a Fog
February 20, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama

Family! How are you all? It's been great to hear from you. I hope all is well. Everything has been going really well here in Huntsville. We've been working super hard and it's just been a riot! We've enjoyed it a lot!

This week Elder Damaso has been a little out of it. He hasn't been feeling very well.  Elder Damaso and I were visiting an investigator and we had planned to review the Restoration a little bit and talk about Prayer. As I started the lesson and then turned it over to Elder Damaso, I looked over at him and he was staring off in the distance having no idea what was happening. I kept teaching and after another 2 minutes I came back to him and same thing. The whole entire lesson goes by and Elder Damaso is still out of it because he was so sick. As we finished I turned to him and said, "do you remember anything that happened in there?" he responded, "not a thing..."  I sure hope something got across to the investigator because I was the only one that was talking.

This week we drove out to Scottsboro Alabama to do a baptismal interview and that was super good.  We had Zone Conference and it was great. Most of the conference was about technology coming to the mission. We will be getting our phones in about 3 weeks so that's going to be a huge change for me. I'm going to be moving away from a paper area book and planner so that's going to be super weird... I don't know how much I'm going to like it but it'll be a good change. We have a mission goal that in the year of 2018 we are going to have 300 baptisms across the mission. So having smartphones is how we are going to get that! We are super excited! #300 #theprophecy

This week we had two exchanges and we were in Birmingham for one of them. The other was here in Huntsville. As we were out contacting, I felt like we should go see a member that lived a few blocks away. She is a recent convert that has both legs amputated. She basically lives in her wheelchair. She is pretty elderly. As we knocked on her door, we heard someone very quietly say, "Come in." As we very gently opened the door she was laying on the floor and couldn't lift herself back into her wheelchair. We  jumped in and got her back in her wheelchair. It was another testimony of listening to the promptings of the Spirit. The spirit will give us quiet promptings and we have to be ready to hear them.

Thank you for all you do and the great support you are to me. Y'all are in my prayers. Have a great week!

Strength and Honor
"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"                Elder Noah Featherstone

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Email #75 - Biking the Town

February 12, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama

Heyyyyooooooo! How are you all doing?! It's crazy hearing about all the stuff going on! I'm still trying to get the fact that Brian and Kelsey are in Australia in my head... and now Mom in Belize. Wow! I just think about it and then I'm like wait..."They can't really be in Australia and Belize." So I'm still working on it but it's a work in progress! haha! Well this week was a good one. We had a really cool experience the other night.

Elder Damaso and I got White Washed into Huntsville -  the previous elders passed by us at Transfers and gave us the keys to the car and the apartment and said, "Oh yeah, you have to take the car in to the shop in about a week." This week was the week that the car was in the shop.  Last Monday we were biking out to see a few investigators and after we got there we locked up our bikes to a light pole in the apartment complex. We went to see 4 investigators that we had been teaching and one that we had an appointment with. After we had seen everyone, and all of them cancelled, we had a back up plan to go to a neighboring apartment complex to see another investigator. I turned to Elder Damaso and asked if he wanted to bike over there or just walk. He said, "Ehh. Let's just walk. So we walked about 100 yards and I had this prompting to go back and get our bikes and bike there. So I turned to him and said, "We should take our bikes." He said "Why?" and I said, "I don't know." So we turned back and started walking back to our bikes and right as we were passing a potential investigators door named Chloe, she opened up and said, "Hey! Can y'all come visit with me and my family for a minute and say a prayer?" I looked at Elder Damaso just speechless. He said, "Yeah sure!" Okay.

So backstory, When Elder Andersen was here visiting the mission, he mentioned that we should only share the message of the Restoration with those who are truly listening.  Chloe had told us previously that she didn't want to hear about the Book of Mormon so we offered to share a message from the Bible. She was busy so we told her we would come back another day and she said that that would be great.

Back to the story. We went in and shared a message from the New Testament with her. As we finished, she just kind of sat back and she said, "What else do you have to share with me?" We then taught her about the Book of Mormon and she accepted it and wanted to hear more. It was such a cool experience about how when we use the Bible and the Book of Mormon together we can deepen our testimonies of the Savior.

I wanted to share this message with you because of the strength that the Book of Mormon and the Bible together have. They testify of the divinity of our Savior Jesus Christ and the reality of His great atoning sacrifice. With the Bible and the Book of Mormon used together, we can come to know our Savior more fully. We can deepen our testimonies of the reality of Him. I know that when we use them together, we can have a relationship with our Savior that we haven't seen before. I know He lives. I know this gospel is true. I know that our Prophet Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God. I know that the message of the Restoration that we share is true.

I hope you all have a great week and can see the miracles of the Lord in your own lives. I love you all! You're in my prayers! and don't forget.... #ROLLTIDE

Strength and Honor

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

Elder Noah Featherstone


One thing about Alabama that you didn't know. Alexander Shunnarah is everywhere.... 
So here is a picture of two of his billboards right next to each other! ha!

Elder Damaso beat me in miniature pool the other night.....

Monday, February 5, 2018

Email #74 - The Lord's Hand in the Work

February 5, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama

Family! How have you all been?! This week has been fantastic. It's really been amazing.  I want to share an experience with you that happened this week.

First off, we were out trying to see an investigator that we had an appointment with but it fell through. I looked over and saw another man that was struggling finding something in his car.  We went over and struck up a conversation with him and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he loved it! It was a great lesson. As we finished he said, "That would be so cool to see my family again." It was another faith building experience of talking to everyone in our way.  There are so many people that are ready to hear this gospel. We just have to open our mouths.

Well that's probably about it for the week. It's been a long week but a good one.  We've been doing a lot of knocking doors and a lot of finding.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Strength and Honor

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

-Elder Noah Featherstone

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Email #73 - 3rd Times a Charm

January 29, 2018
Huntsville, Alabama

Family! So guess what?! I'm back in Huntsville! haha!!! This is just the place! I'm in the Byrd Springs Ward in downtown Huntsville. It's an English Ward so it's definitely something that I haven't experienced before. haha! We aren't really in charge of the Spanish Work at all so it's going to be weird not contacting in Spanish and stuff like that, but I'm super excited! My new companion well... I guess he's new but not new because we've served together before is Elder Damaso. So that's pretty exciting. This week has been craziness trying to get everything together after Transfers! We got white washed into the ward so it's been hectic figuring everything out.

But this week we were trying to find one of the investigators that the previous elders had been teaching and we went and stopped by and didn't find him there. So we started talking to this lady and we had a great lesson with her. It was a testimony builder of talking to everyone. When we as missionaries talk to everyone, God puts people in our path that we are supposed to talk to. It was a great lesson. It's a lot easier to talk to everyone because we aren't specifically doing spanish work anymore. So we can find English people everywhere! "THERE EVERYWHERE!!!" haha! So this week has been a lot of time finding our investigators and figuring out where we are! haha! We've only gotten lost a few times. It's a completely different side of Huntsville that no hispanics live, so as a Spanish Missionary in the Huntsville Branch we never were in this area so it's pretty new.

Well that's about it for the week! I hope all is well! I love you all! Have a great week! Remember that the Lord loves you! ​

​Saying goodbye to the members in Cahaba!

Email #72 - He Lives

January 22, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama

Wow! What a week!!! I feel like I have a ton to tell you all about! So I'm going to get right to it!

Okay! So Edmundo and Kelvin. They are cousins and they are doing great.  This week we went over  to talk to them about what they had been reading and they basically just quoted the entire chapter that we asked them to read. It was super amazing! Their family situation is still pretty crazy and there is a lot going on. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf.

The other night we had a few appointments lined up with some of our investigators and we were super excited. We had the whole night lined up perfectly. As we got to each appointment... they all fell through... haha! The life of the missionaries.  After all our appointments and all our back up plans had fallen through we stood outside of an investigators apartment and said a prayer about what we were supposed to do. Usually Plan C is just to knock doors or to go store contacting. We opened our eyes after the prayer, I looked up and saw a man that was locked outside of his apartment about 50 yards down the apartment complex. We walked down and talked to him and were able to teach him a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. He talked about how he didn't think he was going to see his grandparents again that have passed on. It was amazing to be able to reassure him that he would be able to see his family again. The plan that God has for us really is flawless. I know that. It truly is amazing.

This week we were visiting a Less Active member and we had a great visit with them. They introduced us to their cousin who is living with them. We ended up teaching him the Restoration and giving him a baptismal date. His name is Roberto. He is amazingly ready to be baptized. It's so cool! He has been prepared so well. His baptismal date is March 3rd so that's coming up quick.

As well, we got transfer calls last night so it turns out I'm getting transferred again... haha! One transfer back here in the Spanish branch and I'm leaving... So that's a little disappointing but the Lord is preparing something for me in another place so I'm excited. They don't tell us anymore where we are getting transferred so I'll find out on Wednesday about the place.

On Saturday we had a Mission-Wide Conference with Elder Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and it was amazing. It was such a spiritual experience. Definitely a spiritual high of the week. There were a few things that he talked about that were amazing. I remember one of the main things that I took away from that meeting is the importance of being witnesses of Christ. Whether members, missionaries, or leaders in the church. We all have the sacred obligation to be a witness of Christ. So I want to share my testimony of the Savior. As a missionary, it is an amazing experience to be a representative of the Savior. To help others come closer to him through the Book of Mormon. I testify that He loves us. He knows us each individually. He knows what we are going through and He is here to help us. His merciful arm is extended and He asks that we reach out to Him. I know He lives. He has been resurrected. The tomb is empty. This is the glorious message we have to share. Jesus Christ is our Savior, Redeemer, and Advocate with the Father. I love Him.

Thank you for all you do to be witnesses, and living examples of the Savior, Jesus Christ.
Strength and Honor
"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"
Elder Noah Featherstone

Email #71 - Good Times and Hard Times

January 14, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama

Family! I am super super sorry. But there is a storm coming into the Birmingham area so I don't have a whole lot of time to email. I decided I'd just cut my emails short so that some others could have a little bit more time so I'm going to keep it short and sweet.

This week we had a lot of experiences that were really like the scripture in Ether 12. We really need to show our faith to the Lord. Almost every night this week we were really struggling finding and talking to anyone. Nobody was opening and it was just pretty rough. When we got to the last couple of houses at about 8:45pm, everyone opened that we taught 2 lessons in the last few minutes of the night. It was pretty good!

As well, we have an investigator that is going through a rough time with his family, and then to just make things worse.... His main electrical wires in his house burned in a fire or something so he doesn't have electricity right now. It's been a really hard time for him right now. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and just loving it. It's been amazing. His name is Edmundo. He is one of the most amazing people I've ever met here. It's amazing to see these people change and become better and come closer to the Savior. I love this work, I love these people, and I love the Savior. Thanks for all the support you give me and the love you show! I love you all! Have a stellar week!

P.S. I am really going to have to make it up to you because I don't have time for pictures this week so I'll make sure I have tons for y'all next week! Love you!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Email #70 - An Answer to Prayer

January 8, 2018
Birmingham, Alabama

Family -  This week has been great! I say that every week but I'm not sure we ever have bad weeks as missionaries. It's just amazing to see how the Lord has been blessing us. I feelsl like whenever it gets hard or it gets long, I just think about the work and I just love it! Being a missionary is the greatest! this week we had a really amazing miracle!

We were out and about going to appointments but we didn't have the car so we were just walking. We had 2 appointments fall through on us, our back-up plans fell through and usually plan C is just knocking doors. So we knocked about three houses that didn't open up and then I said to my companion, "We should go see one of the former investigators down the street." He loved the idea so off we went walking. As we got there, I asked Elder Lewis if we could say a prayer. So we ended up kneeling down on the grass outside of his apartment and said a prayer. We walked up to his door and knocked.... nothing... knocked again.... nothing..... so as we both started walking away we heard the door creak open. His name is Edmundo. He just lit up when he saw us. It was amazing! It was as if he had been waiting for us to come by. We shared a quick message and he just thanked us for coming over and sharing a spiritual message with him. He told us that he really needed it. We are now teaching him again and he is really progressing. It's amazing.

As we were sitting in Personal Study the other day we got a message from our AP's saying that President Monson had died. That was a really hard thing for me to hear. I think about when Papa died and as we were standing in the viewing, in walks President Monson, President Uchtdorf, and President Eyring. I remember President Monson walking up to me and shaking my hand, then cracking a joke. He has truly made a legacy here on earth. A legacy of service, and love. I'm so thankful for all I've learned from him.

Thank you for all the love and support you show me. I appreciate it all. I hope you have a great week! Love you all!!

P.S. Sorry... I forgot my camera... no pictures today....Forgive me!
Strength and Honor

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause?"

-Elder Noah Featherstone