Monday, June 19, 2017

Email #41 - A Week of Travels

June 19, 2017
Huntsville, Alabama

Family! How are you all doing? It sounds like it was quite the week. I love hearing about all the endeavors and all the fun you are all having. This week in the Mission was pretty good. This week we had to go down to Birmingham for an appointment and I was able to see Irma! It was super super great! She was happy as ever and she was super happy to see us. She is on a Baptismal Date to be baptized next Saturday. I am super super excited for her and her kids! The Lorna Branch has treated them like family and they are really part of the branch now. I love it!

In Huntsville, we have been doing well. We have an investigator named Daniel who has been super interested in learning more about the gospel and last night we were able to read the Introduction of the Book of Mormon with him. It was great and you could really see it click in his head. It was amazing. He was open and willing to learn. It was as if he was missing something and he was really getting everything we said. Pretty Amazing!

This week was another slow one, but I hope you are all doing well. I'm praying for you all! Have a great week! Love you all! ​

Strength and Honor
Elder Noah Featherstone
Elder Messick and Elder Featherstone

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Email #40 - Mosquito Bites and Baptismal Invites

June 12, 2017
Huntsville, Alabama

Happy P-Day Family! These weeks are just flying by. It's pretty insane how fast they go. I feel like I have P-Day and then 2 minutes later we are emailing home again. So it's pretty crazy! But I love it!

This week was a solid one. We have been doing a lot of finding and we found an investigator named Patricia. She is super awesome! We tracted into her and we talked to her about Faith. She was interested and so we came back a few days later with a member. We weren't originally planning on seeing her but our scheduled appointment didn't answer the door. So we decided, "Well we have this member here with us and we have this lady down the street that we could follow up with so might as well..." So we walked down the street and Patricia opened up. She said she was too busy.... So we decided to move on and as we were walking back to the car we realized that another car had pulled up to the house that we were supposed to have an appointment in. So we knocked again, and nothing. As we finally started walking off this porch, Patricia was walking by with her kids on the way to the park. She said, "Hey! Do you guys want to come to the park with us and we could talk?" Elder Damaso and I both just got so excited! So we went down to the park with her and we taught the Restoration and about the Book of Mormon. It was super great! We had the member invite her to read the Book of Mormon and she committed to read it! So that was super cool. A few days later we had this same member come stop by her house, and nothing... I felt like I should knock a 3rd time. But usually we only knock twice so I decided, "Oh what the heck. Might as well." So I knocked and she opened up and we taught her about Baptism and she had a few questions and it was super great! We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! It was a super cool experience! I loved it! The only bad thing was that Satan was trying to bother us with tons of mosquitos around us for an hour during the lesson... So I have a lot of mosquito bites all over me now... But IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!

We had an investigator named Martin come to church as well and it was super great! He loved it and he has been reading his Book of Mormon a lot. The work is definitely progressing here in Huntsville! I love it!

Well that's about it for the week! I love you all! and I hope you have a great week! You all are in my prayers!​

Strength and Honor

Elder Noah Featherstone

When the Shoe Goo Explodes all over.....

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Email #39 - Answer to Prayer

#39 Noah's Email - June 5, 2017
Huntsville, Alabama

Family! How are you all? I've heard some good things have happened lately and it makes me super happy! This week has been a good one here in Huntsville! It was a little bit of a slow week again but we had quite a few people open up and we had a few really good lessons.

This week after we got home, I was so worn out and I felt like we weren't having anything happen. That night, before I went to bed, I went to the Lord and asked him to help me feel of His love, and that I would know what I can do to be comforted through a hard day where nobody answered and we got yelled at. It was a hard day where nothing happened.  I was frustrated.  My companion was frustrated and we just wanted something to happen. But that night I felt comforted, I felt at peace. It was such an amazing experience where we had a rough day but we definitely went to bed feeling at peace as if we had done our part that day. It was a great reminder to me that He is always watching over us and he is always looking out for us.

This week we found a family that lives in a trailer park in South Huntsville. Their family is so big they take up 3 different trailers with 3 different generations. Pretty Crazy! But we have been talking to them a lot and they commited to read the Book of Mormon and we are working with them a lot! So we are slowly getting some progress here!

Also! This week I got an email from my past companion saying that our Investigator Irma in Birmingham is on a Baptismal Date! So that made me super happy to see this week!

I think that's about it for this week! But Love you all! I hope you have a great week! You are in my prayers!

Strength and Honor

Elder Noah Featherstone

Elder Messick and I

Elder Damaso and I tracting at 8:30 pm 

                You ever see the movie "Jumanji?"

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Email #38 - "Service Softens Stoney Souls"

May 30, 2017
Huntsville, AL

HAPPY P-DAY! Sorry. Should have told you that today is our P-Day and not yesterday because of Memorial Day. But this week was great! It consisted of a lot of knocking doors, and a lot of service! I have come to believe that Huntsville is the place where more missionary work comes from doing service than any other thing that we can give. This week we have seen many hearts open to the message because of simple acts of service and showing the people our heartfelt love. It has been amazing.  We helped a few people move, did some yard work, and cleaned people's porches. (Yes, we did fill another Uhaul this week. #UhaulMovers) But other than a bunch of service not much super eventful happened here in Ol' Huntsville. It's been a little slow but it's been good.

This week I read an article from the Ensign called, The War Goes On. It was a super good talk. It talks a lot about how we can overcome Satan in our lives, and how we can stand up for what we believe in. We can have "unshaken" testimonies of the Lord just like Jacob, and Enos. We will stand strong if we have our Faith in Christ. One thing that I have noticed with our Investigators is that if they really do have a spiritual experience every day reading the Book of Mormon they will come to know the truth without a doubt. Every single one of us needs to have a spiritual experience everyday with The Book of Mormon. If we do, and we follow the teachings of The Book of Mormon we will be strong in our foundation in Christ.

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all! You're in my prayers!

Strength and Honor

Elder Noah Featherstone