Thursday, July 6, 2017

Email #42 - Onward to the Capitol of the South

June 26, 2017
Huntsville, AL to Montgomery, AL

Family! It's so good to hear that you are all doing so well! I love hearing about everything! I sure hope your week has been as eventful as it has been here in Alabama. This week was pretty bomb! So to start out, this week we weren't able to get a hold of one of our investigators for about the past week and a half. We stopped by at all different times of the day but she never answered. So we decided we would give it one last shot. (It reminded me a lot of what happened in Lorna with our investigator Irma.) But anyways, we went and knocked on her door and she answered! Super cool!! We talked to her for a minute and we were able to get another return appointment with her. We asked her if she read in the Book of Mormon while we were gone, and she said Yes! "I'M SO HAPPY I'M GONNA DIEEEEE!!!!" We both got super super happy and just couldn't wipe the smiles of our faces! She is just the greatest.Her name is Patricia.

Every year the Madison and Huntsville Alabama Stakes put together a "Celebrate America" concert. They work together with the people from the US Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville and put together a spectacular concert for the community. We were able to bring a Less Active and it was such a great experience. They had all of the people that had served in the different areas of the US Army stand up and be recognized. They asked for anyone that had served in the Air Force and 1 person in the audience stood up. He was about 5' 2" with snow white hair, and could barely get out of his seat.  In all about 500 people that were in the audience saw him. Everyone went right to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. I started to tear up. It was such a spectacular experience. I'm so thankful for those that have served our country and for their shining examples. I am beyond grateful for each and everyone of the them. I have really become grateful for their service as I have been here in Alabama. They really are amazing.

Well, my stay in Huntsville has come to another end! I didn't think that I'd get a second chance to serve here, but it has been a great one. This week I'm getting transferred to Montgomery.  I'm super excited. And for those of you that know how close Elder Devereaux and I are we will be right next to each other! So we are super pumped for that! ha! I've loved being here in Huntsville, but I'm ready for the next adventure. It'll be a good one!

Well that's about it for the wee.! Thank you all for your love and support that you show me! I really appreciate each and every one of you! I know this is His work and I'm so grateful to be spending my time bringing others to Christ. Love you all! Have a great week and Keep Smiling!

Strength and Honor

-Elder Noah Featherstone
We were visiting someone up on the Tennessee/Alabama Border. So here's State Line Rd. But we were at about 100% percent humidity so the camera was kind of struggling! haha!
The Celebrate America Concert. It was AMAZING!

Elders Smith, Lee, Lewis, and I reppin' the Umbrellas after a Thunderstorm.

Hermano Bahena and his 2 kids Sam, and Noah. Those kids are hysterical! They never stop "Messin' like Sasquatch." 

Brother and Sister Tillman and I. They are a stellar family! Gotta love them!

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